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I think what makes me unique and sets me apart as a life coach, motivational speaker and Courage Champion is that I aim to live the brand of courage every day. Which means facing my fears every day. How can I expect my clients to do this, if I am not?

My talks, my vison and the value I add is not based on some event, or achievement a number of years ago, it's based on my day to day commitment of walking towards my fears and turning those fears into opportunities.

I have done some things I am proud of in the past, like cycling through Africa and being an office in the British Army, and yes the insights and lessons from those experiences form an integral part of my coaching and motivational talks, but it is what is happening now that most interests and fascinates me as human beings.

Imagine if Apple had stopped making great products after the iMac? Imagine if they'd done one significant thing and anticipated that for the rest of the company's future they would benefit from that?

Life simply doesn't work that way. It's consistently walking toward the things you most fear, and leveraging that fear in a way that enables you to transform opportunities into great work that differentiates the truly great companies from the good. That's why I do what I do, it's in doing the hard yards every day that greatness emerges.


A life-changing insight:

In 1999 I had an experience where I realised just how fearful I was and how easily paralysed by fear I could be. In that moment, I did something pretty out of the norm and I saw something that I could never forget. Fast forward to 2011 and I decided to do 90 spontaneous motivational talks to complete strangers in elevators, coffee shops, hair salons, and public transport systems.

Instead of delivering his message in auditoriums to corporate audiences who actively wanted me to win; people who actively wanted to be there, I decided instead to go into places where people would prefer not to hear from me!

Places where people would prefer to turn their iPod up and completely disconnect from the world.

The results have been astonishing, and the impact of those talks have been felt farther and wider than I could ever have hoped for.

In my life coaching business, I'm privileged to work with some of the most talented and driven business leaders in South Africa today. I can't solve their current dilemmas and provide them with meaningful feedback and guidance if I'm stuck in the successful years of 2002.

They simply don't work today. The principles will always remain the same, the dynamics however shift on a daily basis so it's incredibly important for me to be out in the market, having conversations, taking risks, and testing every aspect of what I advise.

Those experiences, those conversations, the knowledge and insights I gain from them are what fuel the inspiration for the talks I present, and the coaching I provide. I've realised that if you're going to be coaching the most dynamic leaders, you've got to live that brand yourself and activate your own intention and purpose on a daily basis.

The product of this philosophy, and the experiences I immerse myself in every day are the following motivational talks with actionable advice, techniques, tools and insights:\

The Bears Have Gone - Turn your fears into your greatest opportunities:

Insights and lessons learned from walking toward your fears, techniques, tools and methodologies necessary to transform the things you most fear into your greatest opportunities.


90 Talks In 90 Days - The story and the insights:

Here my pretty outrageous story and insights of gate-crashing Insights and lessons learned from cycling from one end of Africa to the other, covering 13,000 kilometres, 21 countries and three near-fatal attacks of malaria


One Revolution at a time:

Insights and lessons learned from cycling from one end of Africa to the other, covering 13,000 kilometres, 21 countries and three near-fatal attacks of malaria

These talks can be customised to deal with your requirments, whether they be motivating a sales team, fostering honest communication or striving valiantly to overcome obstacles and set might goals.

I will show you the way. Mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it