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Si Ekin's Blog: Pull Yourself Towards Yourself

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Pull Yourself Towards Yourself

On Family Day my daughter and I popped round to see our next door neighbours. They had given her some Easter eggs the day before and we went over to thank them. Here's the thing, though – I went over there in my dressing gown!

When we were walking back home the old lady who lives across the road saw me and she wasn't impressed. She gave me the kind of look that made me feel like a naughty schoolboy and she said: "Pull yourself towards yourself". Needless to say, I felt well and truly scolded!

I'd never heard that saying before, but apparently in years gone by this is what women were told to do after childbirth! Gynaecological matters aside, it basically means pulling yourself together and getting your act together.

I've thought about what my dear old neighbour said a few times over the last few days, and I must say that I think it's a hugely valuable statement. It's about self-management and self-mastery, and that's ultimately the primary goal of all personal development work. We strive to be the masters of our own universes, centred in who we are, and powerfully in control of our lives. When we operate from that place of inner strength, there is very little that can shake us.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Courageously yours,


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